Using FortiVoice to Send and Receive Faxes


FortiVoice Enterprise can send and receive faxes to user web portals, email, and physical fax machines. This recipe guides your through the process of configuring the FortiVoice unit to send and receive faxes.

 If you would like to see a video instruction of this procedure, see the video located here.

Configuring Receiving Faxes

To setup the FortiVoice unit to receive faxes

  1. Go to Call Features > Fax > eFax Account and select New.
  2. Enter the name and extension number.
  3. Map the DID numbers to the extension of the fax. Incoming faxes to the DIDs will all reach this extension.
  4. Select the extensions that will also receive all faxes sent to this fax extension. Users of the selected extensions will receive email notifications when a fax is received if their extensions are linked with email addresses. In addition, users can monitor the faxes received on this fax extension in their FortiVoice user web portal and can choose to view, delete, resend, forward, or download the faxes.
  5. If required, enter the email addresses to receive the faxes sent to this extension. Users will receive the faxes in PDF format.
  6. If required, select the fax machines connected to the FortiVoice unit via T.38 adapters. Faxes will be relayed to the selected machines.
  7. Select Create.
New Fax
Creating a new fax account


Configuring Sending Faxes

To configure your FortiVoice unit to send faxes

  1. Go to Call Features > Fax > Sending Rule and select New.
  2. Enter a name and select the Enabled checkbox.
  3. Select or create a Dailed Number Match.
  4. Configure the call handling action for the numbers matching the configured number pattern.
  5. Select Create.

Next you will need to configure some general fax settings.

  1. Go to Call Feature > Fax > Setting.
  2. Enter a station ID and subject header that shows on each fax sent from the FortiVoice unit.
  3. Configure T.38 fax and send queue options and select Apply.
Creating a new sending rule.
Creating a new sending rule.
Creating a new match record.
Creating a new match record.
Configuring fax settings.
Configuring fax settings.