Updating the FortiGate’s firmware (5.2.2 and higher)


This example verifies the current version of FortiOS firmware and, if necessary, updates it to the latest version. 

FortiOS is the operating system used by FortiGate and FortiWiFi units. You can update FortiOS to use the latest tools and security features available.

This recipe is only for FortiOS releases 5.2.2 and higher. For instructions for earlier releases, go here.

Find this recipe for other FortiOS versions
5.2 | 5.4

1. Checking the current FortiOS firmware

Log in to the GUI and go to System > Dashboard > Status and view the System Information dashboard widget. The Firmware Version section shows the firmware that is currently installed and if a new version is available.



2. Reviewing the Release Notes

If a new version is available, select View Release Notes to access the Release Notes for that version. Review the release notes to determine if you want to upgrade to this version.

Pay extra attention to the Upgrade Information section, to find out if you can upgrade directly from your current firmware to the latest version. You should also check the Supported Upgrade Paths document, found at the Fortinet Documentation Library.


3. Updating to the latest firmware

If you wish to upgrade to the latest FortiOS version, select Update.

Under Available Firmware, select the Recommended tab, then select Backup Config and Upgrade.


4. Results

The FortiGate unit uploads the firmware image file, updates to the new firmware version, restarts, and displays the FortiGate login. This process takes a few minutes.

You may have to refresh your browser to see the FortiGate login.



Go to System > Dashboard > Status. In the System Information dashboard widget, the Firmware Version will show the updated version of FortiOS.


For further reading, check out Firmware in the FortiOS 5.2 Handbook.

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