Skill-Based Routing in FortiVoice Enterprise


When a customer dials an organization’s support line they are commonly greeted with an automated attendant that transfers the customer’s call to a specific department based on the number the customer selects.

This recipe guides you through the process of configuring FortiVoice Enterprise (FVE) to transfer customer calls to the most qualified agent.

Skill-based routing is configured using FVE’s call center, extension, and virtual number features. 
Note: This recipe assumes you use the FVE 5.0 software.

Creating Skill Sets

First you need to create custom skill sets for different departments. For example, you may want to create a Sales and Shipping department.

  1. On the FVE web UI, go to Call Center > Configuration > Skill Set.
  2. Select New.
  3. Enter a name and description of your skill set. 
  4. Select Create.
Skill Set


Configuring the Skill Levels

Once you have your skill sets created you will need to set their individual skill levels.

  1. Go to Call Center Configuration Skill Level.
  2. Create new levels by selecting New or select Edit to edit existing levels.
  3. Go To Extension Extensions IP Extensions.
  4. Select an agent’s extension and then select Edit. 
  5. Select Enable from the Call Center section and then select Configure
  6. Select New in the Skill Sets section.
  7. Select the appropriate Skill and Level from the dropdown menus.
  8. Select Create and then OK

Repeat steps 4-8 for the agents with the configured skill sets.

skill levels
Creating or editing skill levels
Editing an agents extension
Editing an agents extension
Creating a new skill set
Creating a new skill set

Configuring the Call Queue

Now you will need to establish how calls will be handled based on the set skills. 

  1. Go to Call Center Call Queue Call Queue.
  2. Create a new Call queue by selecting New or edit an existing one by selecting the Que and then Edit.
  3. Select Skill Based from the Distribution policy in the Call Distribution section.
  4. Select Skill Based Routing and choose a routing option:

    Lowest level first: the call transfers to the agent with the lowest skill level score first and then moves up the ranks to the first available agent

    Highest level first: the call transfers to the agent with the highest skill level score first and then moves down in rank to the first available agent.

  5. Select a call Distribution policy. This option only applies to the situation when you have
    agents with the same skill level in a queue. In such cases, calls are distributed to these
    agents according to this policy.
  6. Select OK.


Configuring Call Handling

Now you will need to establish how calls are handled.

  1. Go to Extensions Virtual Number > Virtual Number.
  2. Select New to configure the Call Handling option to route the skill-based calls. Two actions are needed. One is to tag the call with a skill so that it is processed as a skill-based call. Another action is to route calls to queues where the agents with configured skill levels belong to.
  3. Select New under the Call Handling section.
  4. Select Call queue skill tag from the Action dropdown menu.
  5. Select one of your previously created skills from the Skill dropdown menu and then select Create.
  6. Select New under the Call Handling section.
  7. Select Call Queue from the Action dropdown menu.
  8. Select the location where you want to route the calls to from the Call queue dropdown menu and then select Create.
  9. Select Ok.
Creating a virtual number
Creating a virtual number