Remote Logging in FortiMail Using FortiAnalyzer


You may not want to store your FortiMail log information to your local hard disk. Thankfully, you can also store your log messages remotely on your FortiAnalyzer unit.


 Enabling Logging

Before we can log remotely, we will first need to enable logging.

  1. Go to Log and Report Log Settings Remote Log Settings.
  2. Toggle Enable for your preferred profile.
  3. Select Yes.

 Configuring Remote Logging

With logging enabled, we can no focus on configuring logging a FortiAnalyzer unit.

  1. Go to Log and Report Log Setting Remote
  2. Select New to create a new entry or double-click an existing entry to modify it.
  3. Select Enable to allow logging to a remote host.
  4. Enter a profile name and the IP address of the FortiAnalyzer unit. This is where the FortiMail unit will store its logs.
  5. Enter the 514 in the port section.
  6. Select the severity level that a log message must equal or exceed in order to be recorded and stored from the Level dropdown menu.
  7. Select the facility identifier that the FortiMail unit uses to identify itself from the Facility dropdown menu.
  8. Expand the Logging Policy Configuration and enable the types of logs you want to record to FortiAnalyzer.
  9. Select Create