Rapid and Versa Sliding Rail Kit & Two-Post Rail Kit


Rapid and Versa Sliding Rail Kit

The sliding rail kit contains the following parts:

  • Eight 10-32 x0.5in Phillips head screws (VersaRails only)
  • One pair of sliding rail assemblies (convertible to VersaRails or RapidRails configurations)
  • One Cable Management Tray
  • One Cable Management Arm
  • Tie wraps for securing the cables to the CMA

The sliding rail assemblies have rotating mounting brackets at each end of the rails, allowing the rails to be converted from RapidRails to VersaRails. When shipped, the rails are in the RapidRails position.

The RapidRails configuration of the bracket has a hook and latch that secure it to the rack. The VersaRails configuration has three holes and uses screws to secure it to the rack.

Change the sliding rails from RapidRails to VersaRails:

  1. Lift the release lever on the rotating mounting bracket.
  2. Rotate the bracket and slide it up and off of the two shoulder standoffs.
  3. Continue rotating the bracket 180 degrees until the notches can be set back over the shoulder standoffs.
  4. Rotate the bracket back in the opposite direction on the shoulder standoffs until the bracket clicks into place.

Two-post rail kit

The 2-post rail kit contains the following parts:

  • Eight 12-24 x0.5in Phillips head screws
  • One pair of mounting rails
  • Reusable tie wraps
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