PRI Gateway Management in FortiVoice

What if you want to connect your legacy telephone infrastructure consisting of PRI lines to IP networks? If you have legacy phone equipment you can use PRI gateways to connect to SIP trunking services without having to spend money altering existing network infrastructure.

This recipe guides you through the process of adding gateways and then creating multiple gateway trunks.


Adding a Gateway

To add a gateway

  1. Go to Managed System > FortiVoice Gateway > PRI Gateway.
  2. Select New
  3. Enter a unique name for the gateway and enable the gateway.
  4. Enter the display name on the gateway, such as ABC Company
  5. Enter a hostname or IP address of the gateway. You can select get device information to get the serial number, device type, and MAC address of the gateway. 
  6. Enter the necessary admin details and gateway details.
  7. Select Create.

Creating Multiple Gateway Trunks

A GT01/02 gateway has 1 span (PRI port). By default, the single span is mapped to one trunk; however, you may reassign the span to multiple trunks. Before adding any span to a trunk, you need to free the span in the default trunk accordingly.

To add a gateway trunk

  1. Go to Managed System > FortiVoice Gateway > PRI Gateway.
  2. Select a gateway to add a drunk and select Edit.
  3. Select Manage trunk.
  4. Double click the default gateway.
  5. For Span, move the span to the Available field.
  6. Select OK.
  7. Select New.
  8. Enter the unique name for the trunk and enable it.
  9. Move the span to the Selected field.
  10. Enter the gateway information.
  11. Select Create.
  12. Select Close.