ONVIF Camera Installation Guidelines


FortiRecorder supports third party ONVIF cameras; however, each manufacturer’s ONVIF camera is different. The following recipe provides you with some general guidelines for adding ONVIF cameras to FortiRecorder.


ONVIF Cameras

  1. Make sure the camera is ONVIF compliant.
    a. Search for the ONVIF logo on the camera datasheet.
    b. Go to the ONVIF website and search for the brand and model of the camera: ONVIF
    c. Ensure the firmware on the camera matches the firmware tested on the Declaration of Conformity.
  2. ONVIF camera time and time zone settings need to match with FortiRecorder. Synchronize the time with the NTP server.
  3. Turn on the ONVIF function on the camera. It is disabled by default. Please refer to the camera manufacturer’s user manual for more information.
  4. Create an ONVIF user on the camera. Please refer to the camera’s manufacture’s user manual for more information.

Once the above conditions are checked, you should be able to manually add the ONVIF camera to FortiRecorder.


Timmy Tsai

Timmy Tsai

Technical Marketing Engineer at Fortinet
Timmy Tsai