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As you may expect, we here in the Technical Documentation team get asked a lot of questions. Sometimes we even get asked the same question more than once. I strongly suspect that this repetitive intrusion upon some poor subject matter expert in the past brought into being the concept of documentation in the first place. Therefore we are continuing the time honored tradition of having an FAQ page. 

As you can see, we are choosing to have the initials stand for “Frequent Answered Questions” instead of “Frequently Asked Questions”. Our way implies that our readers are getting the information they asked for rather than just maintaining a list of things people are curious about. It’s the little things that count.

The FAQ can be found by going to or by going to the Cookbook site, selecting Resources and then selecting FAQ.

Being the lazy efficient folks that we are, rather than answering a similar question a number of different times with differing levels of depth we are going to come up with a single answer once, and possibly add improvements later.

The criteria for inclusion in the FAQ is going to be questions that we have been asked multiple times and/or we can safely assume will be asked again.

The subjects of the questions will generally be those that don’t really fit into the context of one of our existing documents/pages/posts or we believe that the answer to a fairly common and straightforward question will lost amidst all of the other information on the topic.

Occasionally we may include topics/questions that were the result of a post of their own. This will usually happen when the amount of content is fairly small and we want to make sure that it maintains a certain amount of visibility. Once a post that we think warrants inclusion gets pushed back far enough in the display sequence we will move its content to the FAQ.

Of course the best part of all this (for our readers), is that readers are in position to help drive the course of the content for the site.

To submit a question you think should be in the FAQ:


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Bruce Davis

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