Managing a FortiAP with FortiCloud

In this example, you will use FortiCloud to configure and manage a single FortiAP-224D, creating a working WiFi network without a FortiGate unit. You can register for a free FortiCloud account at

You will create a simple network that uses WPA2-Personal authentication.

The FortiAP will self-configure.

PREP 13 mins      COOK 2 min      TOTAL 15 mins

1. Adding your FortiAP to FortiCloud

Visit and log in or select Create New Account.

From the FortiCloud home page, go to Inventory and select Import AP Key.

Input the FortiCloud Key and click Submit, then click OK.

Go to AP Network and select Add AP Network.

Enter an AP Network Name and select the desired Time Zone. Click Submit.

The new AP network appears on-screen. Click its icon on the left.

You are prompted to enter an SSID for this AP Network.

2. Configuring an SSID

Go to Configure and enter the SSID name and ensure that Enabled and Broadcast SSID are selected.

Select WPA2-Personal Authentication and enter the Pre-shared Key.

Click Next.

Select and configure the desired Security profiles and click Next.

Configure radio Availability as required.

Otherwise, accept the default settings and click Next.

Preview the SSID configuration and click Apply.

The new SSID appears in the SSID list.

3. Deploying the FortiAP

Go to Deploy APs. Select the FortiAP you just added and click Next.
The correct Platform Profile should already be selected. Click Next.
No AP Folder has been configured. Click Next.
Allow Admin Access as required and enter the Admin password. Click Next.
Preview the deployment and then click Deploy.
Success! Click OK.

4. Connecting the FortiAP to the Internet

Connect the FortiAP ethernet interface to a network that provides Internet access. 

The FortiAP will self-configure.

5. Results

In FortiCloud, go to AP Network > [Your AP] > Monitor and verify that the AP Status is Up. You may need to click Refresh.

Using a wireless device and the pre-shared key, attempt to connect to the SSID you created in Step 2.

In FortiCloud, go to AP Network > [Your AP] > Monitor and highlight the Client tab.

Verify the wireless connection and details about the user’s connectivity.

For log information, go to AP Network > [Your AP] > Logs > Wireless logs.

View the event logs for wireless connections, including actions taken, time stamps, client MAC addresses, and more.

For report information, go to AP Network > [Your AP] > Reports and view the Traffic & Client Count by SSID and the Traffic & Client Count by AP (Top 10).


Note that not all FortiAP models support this method of self-configuration.
All times listed are approximations.
The FortiCloud Key is on the same label as the unit serial number.
This is the password users will have to enter to access the WiFi.