Managing Call Handling in FortiVoice Enterprise


Each SIP and analog extension comes with its default user preferences, such as how the unit manages the call process. For example, you could configure the process to forward a call to another number on a specific schedule. 

This recipe guides you through the quick and easy process of configuring call handling in FortiVoice Enterprise.

Handling a Normal Call

To handle a normal call

  1. Go to Extensions > Extensions > Preferences.
  2. Double click an existing number.
  3. Go to the Call Handling section and select Normal call handling.
  4. Select one of the call status tabs (No answer, Busy, Do not disturb, Unavailable, or Voicemail).
  5. Select User defined.
  6. Select New to define a call process according to a schedule.
  7. Select a preconfigured schedule from the Schedule dropdown menu.
  8. Select the action you want the unit to take when the call reaches the unit during the designated schedule.
  9. Select Create and then select OK.