Initial Deployment


This recipe is part of the process of deploying FortiManager for the Google Cloud Platform (GCP). See below for the rest of the recipes in this process:

  1. Initial Deployment
  2. Registering and Downloading Your License
  3. Connecting to the FortiAnalyzer-VM
  4. Adding a Disk to the FortiAnalyzer-VM for Logging
  1. In the Google Cloud marketplace Cloud Launcher, find FortiManager Centralized Security Management.
  3. Configure the variables as required:
    1. Deployment name: Enter the name of the FortiManager-VM to appear in the Compute Engine portal.
    2. Zone: Choose the zone to deploy the FortiManager to.
    3. Machine type: Choose the instance type required.
    4. Boot disk type: Choose the desired boot disk type.
    5. Boot disk size in GB: Leave as-is at 10 GB. Note you must add additional disks for logging in later steps.
    6. Network name: Select the network located in the selected zone.
    7. Subnetwork name: Select the subnet where the FortiManager resides. Currently the Cloud Launcher solution supports one network interface.
    8. Firewall: Leave all selected, or allow at least HTTPS if the strictest security is allowed in your network as the first setup. Change firewall settings as needed later.
    9. External IP: Select Ephemeral. You will need to access the FortiManager management GUI via this public IP address.
      Leave the other options as shown.
  4. Click Deploy. When deployment is complete, the screen appears as below.