Importing Users in FortiMail


What if you want to quickly add a list of new local users? You can do so outside FortiMail through a spreadsheet editor like Excel and import the information into FortiMail. The following easy to follow recipe guides you through the incredibly quick process of importing new users into FortiMail.


Importing a User List

To create and import user records

  1. Go to Domain & User > User > User.
  2. Select a user and then select Export .CSV.
  3. Save the file and then open the CSV file in a spreadsheet editor, like Microsoft Excel.
  4. Enter the user records in the columns to match the exported format.
  5. Select Save As to save the file as a CSV file.
  6. Select Import .CSV in FortiMail.
  7. Find your file and select open and then OK.

All the users you created in Excel will be imported into FortiMail.