How to use FortiRecorder Mobile iOS


FortiRecorder Mobile for iOS is a convenient and easy to use application that can help you monitor your cameras when you are away from your desktop. This recipe focuses on how to configure and use FortiRecorder Mobile on your iOS device.

This recipe is intended for end-users. System administrators that require information on how to configure the NVR and firewall settings should consult this recipe.

Adding an NVR to FortiRecorder Mobile

When you first load FortiRecorder Mobile, you’ll notice that the Locations menu is blank. Add your NVR to the application:

1. Select the Add button.  
2. Enter any name you wish to identify the device.  
3. Enter either the fully qualified domain name or the public IP address of your NVR.


Note: If you are unsure of any information, ask your NVR administrator.

Adding an NVR.


4. Enter the account name and password used to access the NVR and select Save.  

Monitoring Cameras in FortiRecorder Mobile

Now that FortiRecorder Mobile is installed and properly configured, it is time to use the the software to monitor your cameras.

1. Select your NVR from the locations menu on the home screen.    
2. Select the Cameras option. The Camera section displays all available viewable cameras from your NVR.  

3. Select the camera you wish to monitor.

On your screen now is a live-feed from your selected camera.