How to Recover from a Heartbeat Link Failure in FortiVoice


Sometimes your heartbeat link will fail due to a disconnected cable and you may want to return both FortiVoice units to operating in their configured modes and rejoin the failed primary unit to the HA group. This recipe guides you through the quick process of returning to normal operations after the heartbeat link fails.


Reconnecting the Heartbeat Link

To return to normal operation after the heartbeat link fails

  1. Reconnect the primary heartbeat interface by reconnecting the heartbeat link Ethernet cable. P1 will send an alert email that indicates that P1 has stopped operating as the primary unit.
  2. Go to System > High Availability > Status to connect to the web based-manager of P1 and check for synchronization messages. Do not proceed to the next step until P1 has synchronized with S2.
  3. Select Click HERE to restore configured operating mode

The HA group should return to normal operation. P1 records the event log messages indicating that S2 asked P1 to return to operating as the primary unit.