How to Generate and View Reports in FortiMail


Configuring Report Profiles

Before you can generate a report you must first configure a report profile.

To configure report profiles

  1. Go to Log and Report > Report Settings > Configuration.
  2. Select New to create a profile or double-click an existing profile to modify it.
  3. Configure the time period settings. Time Period
  4. Select one or more queries or query groups to define the subject matter of the report. 

    For more information on the query groups, see “Configuring the report query selection” in the FortiMail Administrator Guide.Query Groups

  5. Select when the report generates in the Schedule section.

    Important: Generating reports is resource-intensive. To improve performance, generate reports during low traffic times.

  6. Specify a protect domain whose log messages are used when generating a report by selecting the available domain and then selecting the right arrow. 
  7. Select the conditions in which the FortiMail unit reports.
  8. Enter any email address you wish the FortiMail unit to message with an attached copy of the generated report.

You can also generate a report manually.

  1. Go to Log and Report > Report Settings > Configuration.
  2. Select the report profile whose settings you wish to use when generating a report.
  3. Select Generate.

Viewing Reports

The Report tab displays the list of reports generated from the report profiles. You can delete, view, and/or download generated reports.

To view and generate reports

  1. Go to Monitor > Report > Report.
  2. Select the report you wish to view.
  3. Select the Download dropdown menu and select Download PDF or Download HTML.