How to Perform a Clean FortiMail Firmware Installation


A clean install of your firmware might be necessary if you’re unable to connect to your FortiMail unit or you want to install firmware without preserving any existing configuration. Unlike upgrading or downgrading firmware, a clean installation re-images the boot device.

This recipe provides detailed instructions on how to perform a clean firmware installation.

A clean installation requires a local console connection to the CLI. A clean install cannot be performed through a network connection.

Important: Be sure to back up your configuration before beginning the procedure. A clean install will resets the configuration and the IP addresses network interfaces. To learn more on backing up your configuration, see “Backup and restore” on page 200 of the FortiMail Administrator Guide.

Download the latest firmware file from the FortiNet Technical Support web site.

To perform a clean install of the firmware

  1. Connect your computer to the FortiMail console port using a Rj-45 to DB-9 serial cable or a null-modem cable.
  2. Initiate a local console connection from your computer to the CLI of the FortiMail unit. Log in with an administrator account.
  3. Connect port1 of the FortiMail unit directly to the same subnet as a TFTP server.
  4. Copy the new firmware image file to the root directory of the TFTP server.
  5. Enter the following command in the FortiMail CLI to verify connectivity:
    execute ping
    where 168.1.168 is the IP address of the TFTP server.
  6. Restart the FortiMail unit by entering the following command:
    execute reboot

    Hit any key to interrupt the system startup.
  7. Type G to get the firmware image form the TFTP server.
  8. Type the IP address of the TFTP server and press Enter.
  9. Type a temporary IP address that can be used by the FortiMail unit to connect to the TFTP server.
  10. Type the firmware image file name and press Enter. Type D when prompted.

Once you are finished, clear the cache of your web browser and restart. Verify that the firmware was successfully installed by logging in to the CLI and typing “get system status”. You can reconfigure the FortiMail unit when you are done or restore a previous configuration file from backup. Update the antivirus definitions.