How to Configure and Monitor FortiMail Email Archiving


To archive email you must set up and enable email archiving accounts. This recipe guides you through the detailed process of creating an archive account, creating an archive policy, and monitoring your archived email.

Important: Your domain must be set to System and your access profile must have Read or Read-Write permission to the Others category.

Before beginning the following procedures, make sure your current account has access over reading and editing the archive. For more information on configuring administrator accounts, see “Configuring administrator accounts” on page 271 of the FortiMail Administrator Guide.

Creating an Email Archive Account

Before you can archive email, you need to set up and enable an email archiving account. You can create multiple accounts and send different categories of email to different accounts.

To enable and configure an email archive account

  1. Go to Email Archiving > Archive Accounts > Archive Accounts.  Archive Account
  2. Select New to create an account or modify an existing account by double-clicking an account. 
  3. Enter the necessary information under the Account Settings section.
  4. Enable both Email archiving status and IMAP access
  5. Enter the necessary rotation settings.
  6. Enter the necessary destination settings. If you select Remote from the Destination dropdown menu, select your desired protocol from the Protocol dropdown menu and enter the IP address of the remote storage server.
  7. Enter the rest of your account information and the directory path on the remote storage server where the FortiMail unit stores archived email , such as /home/fortimail/email-archives.

Creating an Email Archive Policy

Configuring your email archive policy allows you to specify the types of emails that are archived.

To view and configure archiving policies

  1. Go to Email Archiving > Policy > Archiving Policy.Archive Policy
  2. Select New to add a new policy or double-click a policy to modify an existing policy.
  3. Select the archive account you created in the previous procedure from the Account dropdown menu.
  4. Select a policy type. 
  5. Enter the attributes a message must contain in order to be archived. For example, if you select Sender Address policy type and enter * at the pattern, the FortiMail unit archives all email from the domain.
  6. Enable Policy status and select Create.

Monitoring Archived Email

Now that your archival settings are properly configured, you can now search or view the archived email as the FortiMail administrator. 

To view archived email

  1. Go to Monitor > Archive > Archive Accounts. Archive Monitor
  2. Select the email archive account you wish to view and then select View.
  3. Select either Inbox or Bulk from the Archive Folder dropdown list to view your archive.
  4. Double-click the name of the email archive mailbox you wish to view.