FortiMail HA: Recovering from Temporary Failure


It is possible that your primary unit suffered a hardware or software failure. This recipe details how you can recover from a possible failure.

When the secondary unit detects the failure of the primary unit, the secondary unit becomes the new primary unit and continues processing email. The secondary unit will send an alert email that states:

The following event has occurred
‘Master heartbeat disappeared’
The state changed from ‘Slave’ to ‘Master’

For this example we’ll assume the power has been disconnected in some way from the primary unit.

Failure Recovery

The primary unit’s recovery after a hardware failure depends on the HA On failure settings.

Navigate to System > High Availability > Configuration.

Select either “wait for recovery then restore original role” or “wait for recovery then restore slave role” from the On Failure dropdown menu under the Main Configuration section.

If you select “wait for recovery then restore original role” the primary unit resumes its configured master role during recovery. This is the ideal setting if the cause of the failure is temporary or rare.

If you select “wait for recovery then restore slave role” the primary unit becomes a slave during recovery. The secondary unit continues its role as the master.