FortiVoice Enterprise Profiles: Scheduling and Phone Profiles


FortiVoice phone profiles let you create user privileges and SIP profiles for configuring extensions and SIP trunks. It also allows you to modify caller IDs, schedule the FortiVoice unit, and configure phone and LDAP profiles.

This recipe guides you through the process of configuring a dial plan schedule and a phone profile.

Scheduling the FortiVoice Unit

You can schedule the FortiVoice operation time and use the schedules when configuring dial plans, virtual numbers, or call management. 

To schedule the operation time

  1. Go to Phone System > Profiles > Schedule and select New.
  2. Enter a name for the schedule.
  3. Select the days to include in the schedule and set the AM and PM time.
  4. Select New under the Holiday section to set your schedule for the holidays.
  5. Select Create.

FVE Schedule

Configuring Phone Profiles

Phone profiles contain the most used phone configurations. Phone profiles make extension configuration more flexible by allowing phone users to choose the profile they want. 

To configure a phone profile

  1. Go to Phone System > Profiles > Phone and select New.
  2. Enter a profile name.
  3. Select a phone model for the profile from the Phone type dropdown menu.
  4. Select LLDP or Manual from the Vlan dropdown menu. If you select Manual, configure settings in the Vlan section. If you select LLDP, the FortiVoice unit automatically generates the configuration file. 
  5. Configure the Automatic Configuration section. This section only appears if you select Automatic from the Configuration mode setting in the Phone profile section.

    i. Select a display option
    ii. Enter the number of phone lines to which this profile applies.
    iii. Enter the digit map timeout in seconds which defines the waiting time between the completion of dialing and initiating the call.
    iv. Enter the appropriate digital map syntax. For more information on digit map syntax definitions, see section 2.1.5 of RFC 3435.
    v. Expand the Set Programmable Phone Key section if you wish to program the phone keys for FortiFone. For a detailed look at programmable keys, consult the FortiVoice Enterprise Administrator Guide. 

  6. Select Create.
 FVE Phone Profile