FortiVoice Enterprise Basic Setup


The FortiVoice Enterprise Phone System enables you to completely control your organization’s telephone communications. The following recipe guides you through the process of connecting your SIP phones to the FortiVoice unit for the first time in your local office.

Connecting to the Web-Manager

Once you have physically connected the FortiVoice unit, you will need to connect to the web-based manager to configure the system settings.

  1. To connect to the web-based manager
  2. Configure the Ethernet port with the static IP address with a netmask of
  3. Connect your computer to the FortiVoice by connecting an Ethernet cable from yourConnections 
    computer to port1 of the unit.
  4. Enter the URL into your web browser.
  5. Accept the certificate
  6. Type “Admin” in the name field and select Login.

Using the Configuration Wizard

Now that you have connected to the web-Quick Start FVEmanager, begin the configuration procedure by
using the FortiVoice unit’s Configuration Wizard. Follow the procedure step by step. All settings configured in the Configuration Wizard can be configured through the web-based manager.

Connecting Your Phone

Connect your SIP phone to your VoIP network. The FortiVoice unit will auto-discover your phone and assign an IP address to the phone. Depending on the phone you use, the procedure to connect the phone may vary. Please refer to the user manual of your phone for instructions.

You will need to configure the following on your phone after it connects to the network:

  • Enter the IP address of the phone if it is not DHCP-enabled
  • Enter the SIP server IP address and port number of the FortiVoice unit
  • Enter the extension number and SIP password you configured and enable it.