FortiSandbox: Authorizing FortiMail in FortiSandbox

In this recipe, you will learn how to authorize FortiMail in FortiSandbox.

In FortiMail 5.2.0 and later, you can configure your FortiMail device to send suspicious files and suspicious attachments to FortiSandbox for inspection and analysis. FortiSandbox is able to perform additional analysis on files that have been scanned by your FortiMail gateway

Suspicious email attachments include:

  • Suspicious files detected by the AV engine heuristic scan
  • Executable files and executable files embedded in archive file types
  • Type six hashes (binary hashes) of spam email detected by FortiGuard Antispam device

1. Check Default Port Information

In general, FortiSandbox Port1 is reserved for device management, and Port3 is reserved for the Windows VM to communicate with the outside network.

Depending on your FortiSandbox model, you can configure your FortiMail to communicate with your FortiSandbox on ports: 1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8. 

You can find specific default port information under the Using the GUI section of the FortiSandbox Administration Guides available on the Fortinet Document Library.


2. Integrate FortiSandbox into FortiMail 

Before you can authorize FortiMail in FortiSandbox, you will need to integrate FortiSandbox into FortiMail.

See How Do I Integrate FortiSandbox Into FortiMail for more information on integrating FortiSandbox into FortiMail.


3. Authorize FortiMail to send files to FortiSandbox 

After integrating your FortiSandbox into your FortiMail device, you will need to authorize FortiMail to be able to send files to FortiSandbox.

  1. In FortiSandbox, go to Scan Input > Device. Your FortiMail device should be listed on this page. If it is not listed, ensure you have integrated FortiSandbox into FortiMail properly.
  2. Select your FortiMail device.
  3. Select Edit from the toolbar. The Edit Device Settings page will open.
  4. In the Permissions section, select the checkbox beside the Authorized field.
  5. Click OK to save the settings.
  6. On your FortiMail device, click the Test Connectivity button. The Test FortiSandbox Connectivity dialog box will list the FortiSandbox IP address server and the connectivity status.

For further FortiSandbox information, refer to the FortiSandbox Administration Guides available on the Fortinet Document Library.

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