FortiSandbox 3500D Installation Guide


The FortiSandbox unit can be mounted in any standard 19 inch rack unit with the
provided mounting hardware.

Electrostatic discharge (ESD) can damage your Fortinet equipment.

To avoid personal injury or damage to the unit, it is recommended that two or more people install the unit into the rack.

Do not place heavy objects on the unit.

  1. Using the supplied hardware, attach the inner slide rails to each side of the unit.
    Align the two, square holes on each rail to the hooks on the sides of the unit.
    Securely attach the rail to the unit using M4 flat head screws.
  2. Attach the outer slide rails to the rack. Keep the sliding rail guides facing into the rack and screw the assembly securely to the rack using the provided brackets. Ensure that both rails are at the same height.
  3. Ensure there is enough room around the unit to allow for sufficient air flow.
  4. Slide the unit into your equipment rack using equal pressure on both sides. You may have to depress the locking tabs when inserting the unit. When the unit has been completely pushed into the rack, the locking tabs should
    click into place.
  5. Plug the supplied power cables into the rear of the unit and then into grounded
    electrical outlets or a separate power sources, such as uninterruptible power
    supplies (UPS) or a power distribution units (PDU).
 Each power cable should be connected to a different power source. In this
way, if one power source fails, the other may still be operational and the unit will not lose power.
Turning on the device does not always power up all of the inserted blades. If
a blade does not automatically power up, use the blade’s power button to turn on the blade.


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