FortiMail Troubleshooting: HA Issues


The Troubleshooting recipes are here to assist you in diagnosing and remedying any problems you experience when using your FortiMail unit.

This recipe guides you through the process of troubleshooting HA issues, such as a active-passive HA cluster failure and unviewable mail queues.


Problem #1: Not Switching After Failure

Active-passive HA cluster does not switch to the backup unit after a failure.

The Solution

If an individual service has failed that does not disrupt the HA heartbeat, an active-passive HA cluster may not fail over. For example, one or more services (such as SMTP, IMAP, POP3, web access, or a hard drive or network interface) could fail on the primary unit (master) without affecting the HA heartbeat. To cause failover when an individual service fails, configure service monitoring on both the primary unit and backup unit. See Configuring Service Based Failover in the Administrator Guide.

Problem #2: Cannot See Mail Queues

Mail queues do not appear on the HA backup unit.

The Solution

In order to display queue content in the backup unit, mail data must be synchronized from the primary unit. If the Backup MTA queue directories option is disabled, mail queues will not be synchronized. You can enable MTA spool synchronization to view the mail queues from either the backup unit or the primary unit.

Important: Synchronization of MTA spool directories can result in a decrease in performance and may not allow you to view all email in the mail queues, as mail queue content can change more rapidly than synchronization occurs.