FortiMail Calendar Sharing in Outlook (5.2)


FortiMail supports calendar sharing over a variety of mail clients, making it easier for you to schedule meetings and organize your daily routine. 

This recipe overviews calendar sharing for Outlook.  It provides detailed instructions on how to configure FortiMail to enable sharing, how to set-up Outlook to publish your calendar and how to subscribe to other people’s calendars.

The first initial steps are only for Administrators. If you are a user, skip to Publishing Your Calendar.

Configuring Fortimail and Webmail for Sharing

Before publishing your calendar in Outlook, configure FortiMail to enable calendar sharing.

1. Select Mail Settings from the FortiMail menu bar and select Calendar.


2. In the Settings tab, you’ll see two checkboxes.  Select and enable WebDav. Outlook does not use CalDav. Select Apply.

1-2-CalDAV and WebDAV
Enabling WebDAV.

3. Select the Resources tab and select New.  

4. Enter the required information and select Create

5. Now that FortiMail is properly configured for sharing, you need to acquire some important information before you can begin publishing your calendar.

Open your FortiMail webmail account.

6. Select the Preferences button. 

7. Under the service URL header, click on the WebDAV URL and copy the URL to notepad. 

1-7-Copy URL
Copying the URLs.

Publishing Your Calendar

Outlook users can publish their calendar and subscribe to other people’s calendars from the FortiMail WebDAV server. 

To publish a calendar to the FortiMail WebDAV service in Outlook:

1. Select Go from the taskbar in Outlook and then select Calendar.

2. From the My Calendar tab on the left of the screen, right-click on the calendar you wish to publish and select Publish to Internet and then Publish to WebDAV server.
3. Enter the URL that you copied from the WebDAV URL link in the previous procedure. 
4. Specify a time span and permission and enter the user name and password required for FortiMail Authentication. Select OK

Subscribing to a Calendar

In addition to publishing your own calendar, you can subscribe to other people’s calendars via the WebDAV protocol, which facilitates calendar sharing and synchronization between FortiMail and Outlook.

1. Select Tools from the menu bar and then select Account Setting.

2. Select On the Network.

3. Click on the Internet Calendars tab and select New.

4. Enter the publicly shared calendar location URL you copied from the previous instructions.

5. Specify the folder name and description and select OK

The new imported calendar will appear on the left in the calendar pane.

Configuring Free/Busy Settings

With Outlook and FortiMail, you can schedule an event or meeting based on the free and busy information shared and stored on the FortiMail WebDAV server.

To configure the free and busy settings in Outlook:

  1. Navigate to Tools and select Options

 2.  Navigate to Calendar Options and select Free/Busy options.

 3.  Enter the free/busy URL.

Outlook users get the free/busy URL from the FortiMail administrator, who gets the URL from the calendar settings on the FortiMail web UI.

Note: The Publish at my location selection is not supported. Do not use this option. 

 4.  Select OK.

Both Outlook and FortiMail should now be fully configured to allow for calendar sharing.