FortiMail Best Practices: System Security

Although your FortiMail unit will catch almost all threats that are sent to your network, there are some things you should be aware of if you want to maximize security. 

The Best Practices recipes will cover specific tips to ensure the most secure and reliable operation of your FortiMail unit.

This recipe covers the best practices for system security.


System Secruity Tips

  1. The following are some tips to ensure maximum safety for your network.

 2. Only allow administrator network access to legitimate FortiMail administrators. Allowing open administrative access creates a serious risk to the safety of your networks.

You can edit administrator access under System > Administrator > Administrator.

 3. Create addition system and domain level administrators with limited permissions for less-demanding management tasks. 

There is no reason to provide administrators with access to advanced features if they never use them.

 4. Make sure all administrator passwords are at least six characters long and use both numbers and letters. Also make sure to change passwords regularly. 

You can change administrator passwords under System Administrator Administrator.

 5. If your FortiMail unit has an LCD panel, restrict access to the control buttons and LCD by
requiring a personal identification number.

These options are available under  System > ConfigurationOptions.

 6. Do not increase the administrator idle time-out from the default five minutes.

Administrator time-out settings are (located in System > Configuration > Options.

 7. Verify that the system time and time zone are correct. Many features, including FortiGuard updates, SSL connections, log timestamps and scheduled reports, rely on the correct system time.

The time zone settings are located under System Configuration  > Time.