FortiGate 3000 Series Crimping Guidelines


Crimping Guidelines

The following models require crimping:

  • 3700D
  • 3800D
  • 3815D

The end of the 6 AWG ground wire must be fitted with a suitable 5/8-inch double-hole lug. Use the following information to crimp and prepare the wire.

Do not crimp energized wires.

Follow these crimping guidelines:

  • Strip the insulation from cable. Be careful not to nick cable strands which may later result in stands breaking.
  • Cable end should be clean: wire brush or clean with emery cloth if necessary. Insert cable into connector until it stops. The insertion length must approximate the stripped length of cable.
  • Insert connector in die and compress between the markings beginning near the tongue of the connector. Using the wrong installing die may result in a defective connection.
  • After crimping, remove all sharp edges, flashes, or burrs.

Connecting the Device to Ground

This product has a separate ground terminal provided on the back of the product in addition to the grounding terminal of the attachment plug. The ground terminal provides two connectors to be used with a double-holed lug. This connector must be connected to a local ground connection.

You need the following equipment to connect the device to ground:

  • An electrostatic discharge (ESD) preventive wrist strap with connection cord.
  • One green with yellow stripe 6 AWG stranded wire with listed closed loop double-hole lug suitable for minimum 6 AWG copper wire.

To connect the device to ground:

  1. Attach the ESD wrist strap to your wrist and to an ESD socket or to a bare metal surface on the device or frame.
  2. Make sure that the device and ground wire are not energized.
  3. Connect the ground wire from the local ground to the ground connector on the device.
  4. Secure the ground wire to the device.
  5. Optionally label the wire GND.


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