FortiCloud-managed FortiAP WiFi without a key

You can manage your FortiAP-based wireless network with FortiCloud even if your FortiAP has no FortiCloud key.

If your FortiAP has a FortiCloud key (on the serial number label), see the FortiCloud-managed WiFi network recipe.

You need to pre-configure your FortiAP unit with your FortiCloud account credentials. You can register for a free FortiCloud account at

1. Configure the FortiAP unit

Connect your computer to the FortiAP Ethernet port. The FortiAP’s default IP address is The computer should have an address on the same subnet, for example. Using a browser, log in as admin. Leave the password field empty.

In WTP-Configuration, select FortiCloud and enter your FortiCloud credentials. Select Apply.

The FortiAP is now ready to connect to FortiCloud via the Internet.

2. Add the FortiAP unit to your FortiCloud account

Connect the FortiAP Ethernet cable to a network that connects to the Internet.

Restore your computer to its normal network configuration and log on to FortiCloud.


Select Inventory > Unused APs. Your FortiAP should be listed.

Select your FortiAP and then click Deploy.

Create a WiFi network. Select the network and select Deploy.


 3. Configure the FortiAP

Click the tile for your network. Select the Access Points tab and select Configure AP for your FortiAP (hover near the end of the line).

Choose an AP Profile and select Submit.



Connect to the wireless network and browse websites.

On the FortiCloud site, go to Monitor > Report and view the last 60 minutes of activity.


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For an example of creating a WiFi network on FortiCloud see FortiCloud-managed WiFi network.