FortiAP S322C Installation Guide


IMPORTANT NOTE: The device must be professionally installed.

To mount the device on a wall

  1. Using the wall-mount bracket as a template, mark the location of the six mounting bolt holes on a flat wall surface.
  2. Drill the mounting holes in the marked locations.
  3. Fasten the wall-mount bracket securely to the back of the unit using the provided P10x16 mounting screws and washers. Use P6x35, P6x20, and washers to connect the device to the wall.

To mount the FortiAP unit on a pole

  1. Loop the provided pole strap through the slots in the pole-mount bracket then around the pole.
  2. Tighten the strap with the appropriate screw driver and ensure the device is firmly in place.
  3. Attach the device to the opposite side of the pole using with the provided P10x100 screws, locknuts, and washers. See the diagram.