FortiAP S313C/S323C Installation Guide


The unit can be mounted on a wall or ceiling using the provided wall/ceiling mounting kit, or to an appropriate ceiling using the T-rail mounting kit.

To attach the unit to a T-rail

  1. Attach the T-rail clips to the bottom of the unit using two P2.6X12 screws.
    If extra space is required to accommodate drop ceiling tiles, use the provided spacers and P2.6×25 screws.
  2. Attach the provided antennas to the device.
  3. Line up the connected T-rail clips with an appropriately sized rail, then press the unit into the rail until it snaps into place.

Note: Two sizes of T-rail clips are included: 2.38cm (15/16in) and 1.43cm (9/16in).

To protect your device from unauthorized removal, use the Kensington™ Security Slot to attach a cable lock (not included).

To attach the unit to a wall or ceiling

  1. Select an appropriate location, then mark the locations on the wall or ceiling where the anchors will be inserted.
  2. Drill the mounting holes, then insert the anchors into the holes.
  3. Attach the mounting bracket to the anchors using two P3.5×34 screws.
  4. Insert two P2.6X12 screws into the bottom of the unit, leaving enough of the screws exposed so that the unit can be mounted to the mounting bracket.
    If extra space is required between the unit and the mounting bracket, use the spacers and P2.6×25 screws from the T-rail mounting kit.
  5. Attach the provided antennas to the device, then mount the device on the installed mounting bracket and rotate it clockwise to secure it in place.