FortiAP L822C Installation Guide


IMPORTANT NOTE: The device must be professionally installed.

The unit is designed for outdoor use and may be attached to a pole. A waterproof connector is supplied to ensure a watertight seal for connecting the Ethernet cable to the device.

Note: The device can be mounted either outdoors or indoors.

To mount the device on a pole with the tilt bracket

  1. With tilt mount bracket key hole pointing down, thread two of the 1.25x110mm locking screws, flat washers, spring washers, and locking nuts on one side of the pole mount bracket and tilt mount bracket.
  2. Mount the bracket to a pole at the desired height and thread the two remaining 1.25x110mm locking screws, flat washers, spring washers, and locking nuts. Tighten all four screws to its position.
  3. Screw in four of the 1.25x12mm mounting screws through the tilt bracket to the back of the device to secure it to the pole.
  4. To adjust the tilt, loosen the tilting screws located at the center of the tilting bracket. Tighten the screws back once the angle is fixed.
  1. 1.25x110mm Locking Screw
  2. Spring Washer
  3. Flat Washer
  4. Pole Mount Bracket
  5. 1.25x12mm Mounting Screw
  6. Tilt Bracket