FortiAP L322C Installation Guide


IMPORTANT NOTE: The device must be professionally installed.

The unit is designed for outdoor use and may be attached to either a pole or wall. A waterproof connector is supplied to ensure a watertight seal for connecting the Ethernet cable to the device.

Note: The device can be mounted either outdoors or indoors. The included PoE injector and surge protector (not included) must be mounted indoors, as they are not weatherproof.

To mount the device on a wall

  1. Using the wall-mount base as a template, mark the location of the holes on a flat wall surface.
  2. Drill the mounting holes in the marked locations.
  3. Attach the unit and base assembly to the wall using the provided plastic anchors and anchor screws.
  4. Fasten the wall-mount base securely to the back of the unit using the provided M8 mounting screws.

To mount the device on a pole

  1. Attach the pole-mount bracket securely to the back of the unit using the provided M8 mounting screws, spring washers, and flat washers.
  2. Attach the pole-mount bracket using with the provided screws.
  3. Loop the provided pole straps through the slots in the pole-mount bracket and then around the pole.
  4. Tighten the pole straps with an appropriate screw driver and ensure that the device is firmly in place.