FortiAP 320B Installation Guide


Using the provided hardware, the FortiAP unit can be attached to a ceiling or wall.

To attach the unit to a wall using the wall mounting hardware kit:

  1. Insert the anchors provided in the wall mounting hardware kit into an appropriate location on a wall.
  2. Insert the screws provided in the wall mounting hardware kit into the
  3. Mount the FortiAP unit onto the screws.

To attach the unit to a ceiling using the T-rail mounting hardware kit:

  1. Attach the T-rail connector to the bottom cover of the FortiAP unit using
    the four provided short screws.
    If extra space is required to accommodate drop ceiling tiles, use the taller
    T-rail connector.
  2. Line up the connected T-rail connector with an appropriately sized rail
    and twist the unit onto the rail until it snaps into place.

Note: To protect your FortiAP unit, use the Kensington security slot to
attach a cable lock (cable lock is not included).