Establishing a Call Center in FortiVoice Enterprise


Often times callers outnumber available agents. Forcing a caller to call back repeatedly to reach an available agent is bad for customer satisfaction and business. Thankfully, FortiVoice Enterprise queues multiple incoming calls and prioritizing them. 

This recipe guides you through the process of creating a call queue to handle large volumes of incoming calls and then set up the appropriate department to handle the calls.


 Creating a Call Queue


First we’ll need to create a call queue that will establish the order in which to place incoming calls when an agent is unavailable.

To create a call queue

  1. Go to Call Center > Call Queue.
  2. Select New.
  3. Enter or select a suggested number. 
  4. Enter a display name and a brief description.
  5. Enter the desired queue settings and select the music to play while the client is on hold.
  6. Select the desired call distribution policy from the dropdown menu:

    • Ring all: Dials all available agents. 
    • Round robin: Dials all agents in order from top to bottom and then bottom to top.
    • Sequential: Dials each agent in a sequential manner.
    • Random: Dials an agent at random.
    • Least recent: Dials the agent that least recently received a call.
    • Fewest calls: Dials the agent that has completed the fewest calls in this queue.
    • Weight random: Dials a random agent, but uses the agent’s penalties as a weight.
    • Skill based: Dials agents based on the agents’ rated ability to handle calls in that call center

  7. Select your desired agent login mode. Static agents are always connected to the queues while dynamic agents need to lon in.
  8. Enter time needed by agents to complete a queue call.
  9. Select Create

    More information on additional settings can be found in the FortiVoice Enterprise Administrator Guide.



 Configuring Departments

 With the call queue created, we’ll now need to configure the department the client will contact.

To set up a department

  1. Go to Call Center > Agents > Department.
  2. Select New.
  3. Enter a name for the department and any notes you may require for the department.
  4. Move the individuals you want to be department managers to the Selected column and then select done.
  5. Move the members of the department to the Selected column and then select done.
  6. Move the call queues of the department to the Selected column and then select done.
  7. Select Create.