Deploying FortiAnalyzer 5.4 in AWS


In this recipe, you will deploy FortiAnalyzer-VM in Amazon Web Services (AWS).

This deployment will use an existing FortiAnalyzer template. In order to receive this template, you must contact your account team.

1. Subscribing to FortiAnalyzer-VM

Go to the AWS Marketplace’s page for FortiAnalyzer-VM. Select Continue.  
On the next page, select Manual Launch, then select Accept Software Terms.  
A message appears confirming you subscription.  

2. Uploading the FortiAnalyzer template

Log in to your AWS account and select CloudFormation.

Select Create Stack.

On the next page, select Upload a template to Amazon S3 and set it to upload the FortiAnalyzer template provided by your account team.  

Complete the Specify Details form with the values shown.

Select Next.

On the Options page, create a Tag for the FortiAnalyzer.  
Review all properties. If they are correct, select Create.


3. Logging into the FortiAnalyzer


When the deployment is complete, select the Output tab to view your login information.  
To get the public address for the FortiAnalyzer instance, go to EC2 in the AWS Portal.

Browse to the address using HTTPS.  
Use your credentials to log into the FortiAnalyzer.  
A licensing notice appears. Select your desired option.  

4. Results 

The FortiAnalyzer-VM can now be configured.  

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