Customizing the FortiMail GUI Appearance


What if you need to change the appearance of your webmail page? Maybe you want to insert your own corporate logo and product name into the user interface. This recipe guides you through the process of customizing your GUI.


 Customizing the Administrative Portal

Only administrators can change the appearance of the interface.

To customize the GUI appearance

  1. Go to System Customization Appearance.
  2. Expand the Admin Portal.
  3. Enter the name of the product. This name precedes the Administrator Login in the title on the login page.
  4. Select Change to choose your own custom icon and logo. These images appear at the top of all pages on the web UI. 
  5. Select your default language and theme.



 Customizing the Webmail Portal.

You can also change the appearance of the webmail page.

  1. Go to System > Customization > Appearance.
  2. Expand the Webmail Portal.
  3. Enter the name that appears on the top of the webmail login page.
  4. Enter a hint for the user name. For example, the hint could be “Your Email Address”.
  5. Select a theme for the webmail GUI from the Login page dropdown menu.
  6. Select your desired language from the Webmail language dropdown menu. You can create your own custom language. See the Administrator guide for more details.
  7. Select Change from the custom logo section to add your own graphic.
  8. Select Apply.