Creating Custom Messages in FortiMail


Whenever your FortiMail unit detects a virus it replaces the attachment with a message that provides information on the virus and the source of the email. All messages received by your unit are customizable. This recipe guides you through the process of customizing your replacement messages.


 Creating Variables

Before you create your custom message you’ll likely want to create new predefined variables to insert into your custom message. Typically, these variables represent messages that you will frequently use.

To create a new variable

  1. Go to System > Customization > Custom Message
  2. Select a replacement message or email template you want to edit and then select Edit Variable.
  3. Select New.
  4. Enter a name. The typical formal is as follows: %%EXAMPLE%%. So, if I wanted the name of the file that is infected to appear in the message, I would enter: %%FILE%%.
  5. Enter a descriptive display name. This name appears in the variable list when you select Insert Variables.
  6. Enter the variable’s content. Click Insert Variables to include any existing variables. For example, you could enter:
    The file %%FILE%% is infected with the virus %%VIRUS%% and has been deleted.
  7. Select Create.

    There is a fairly large list of variables available at your disposal. Check the appropriate section in the administrator guide



 Creating a Custom Message

With your custom variable created, you can now customize the replacement message

  1. Go to System > Customization > Custom Message.
  2. Double click a message to edit the message.
  3. Enter your replacement message in the content section. There is a 4000 character limitation.
  4. Enter your custom variable by selecting Insert Variable.
  5. Select your desired variable from the list and then select the close button.
  6. Select OK