Connecting to the FortiAnalyzer-VM


This recipe is part of the process of deploying FortiAnalyzer for the Google Cloud Platform (GCP). See below for the rest of the recipes in this process:

  1. Initial Deployment
  2. Registering and Downloading Your License
  3. Connecting to the FortiAnalyzer-VM
  4. Adding a Disk to the FortiAnalyzer-VM for Logging

To connect to the FortiAnalyzer-VM, you need your login credentials and the FortiAnalyzer-VM’s public DNS address. From the previous step, there is a temporary admin password automatically generated on the Google Cloud.

  1. Connect to the FortiAnalyzer using your browser. You will see a certificate error message from your browser, which is normal because the default FortiAnalyzer certificate is self-signed and not recognized by browsers. Proceed past this error.

  2. Log into the FortiAnalyzer-VM with the username admin and the supplied temporary password.
  3. After you log in, click admin in the top-right corner to change the password. You are encouraged to change the initial password as soon as possible.

  4. After logging in again, go to System Settings.

  5. On the Dashboard, click the Upload License button in the License Information widget.

  6. Upload the license file (.lic) from the PC to activate the FortiAnalyzer-VM. The system automatically restarts. After it restarts, wait about 30 minutes until the license is fully registered at Fortinet, then log in again.