Connecting Multiple FortiFone 870i Phones with FortiVoice Enterprise


This recipe guides you through the process of connecting your FortiFone 870i multi-cell to your FortiVoice Enterprise unit. 

In order for this guide to work you will need to have FVE auto provisioning enabled and the latest FortiFone 870i firmware and FVE build. 

Obtaining the IP Addresses

  1. Reset the primary station
  2. Obtain the IP address of the base using the handset. Press Menu and then “47” to start the Search function.
  3. Check the IP address associated to the MAC address of your station


Configuring the Primary Station

Once you have rebooted the base, log in to the FVE interface.

  1. Go to Status > Phone System > Unassigned Phone. 
  2. Select the MAC address of the intended primary station and select Action and then Assign to 870i device.
  3. Set the station as the primary with chain ID and select Create. 
  4. Go to Phone System > Device > 870i Phone Page.
  5. Select the recently created primary station, select Action, and then select Assign new extension or Apply existing extension.
  6. Configure the extension information and enter Handset ID, which should start with 1. Leave the Base MAC address field empty and select Create. See the example to the right.
  7. Add the next extension as needed using a different handset ID.
  8. Repeat the previous step to add all the handsets (one extension per handset) into the system. Once you’re done, you’ll see all the extensions listed for the primary station.
  9. Reboot the primary station.
Selecting the 870i device.
Selecting the 870i device.
Setting the chain ID
adding extensions to the master station
adding extensions to the master station
configuring the extension information
configuring the extension information

Configuring the Secondary Station

Once you have rebooted the primary station you can begin to provision the secondary station.

Factory reset the intended secondary station and connect it to the network. If the network and the FVE are configured properly, the secondary station will appear under the Unassigned Phone page.

  1. Go to Status > Phone System > Unassigned Phone.
  2. Select the unassigned 870i station and then select Action > Assign to 870i device
  3. Set the base station as secondary and select the primary station from the drop down list.
  4. Remove the temporary extension setting on the secondary station and reboot the station.
  5. Reboot the station.