Configuring Skype for FortiVoice Enterprise

Skype for Business can be configured to utilize lines and phones on the FortiVoice Enterprise phone system (FVE) to make calls or join conferences. Skype for Business can support multiple phone systems in a single instance and route calls to different sites based upon the dial plans.

This recipe guides you through the process of configuring a single phone system configuration.

In order to work with FVE, Skype for Business must be installed on a server. This recipe assumes Skype for Business 2015 is running on Windows 2012 server. 

Configuring Skype

To configure Skype Topology Builder

  1. Launch the Skype for Business Topology Builder and select Open Topology from a local file.
  2. Select your configured topology.
  3. Go to Skype for Business Server > Your Skype Domain> Shared Components > PSTN gateways .
  4. Right click on PSTN gateways and select New IP/PSTN Gateway. 
  5. Enter the FVE’s FQDN or IP address and select Next.
  6. Select IPv4 or IPv6 depending on the configuration and select Next.
  7. Configure the SIP signalling port used by the FVE under the Listening port for IP/PSTN gateway and select Finish.
  8. Select Action > Topology > Publish and then select Next to publish the information.

Configuring the Control Panel


To configure the Skype Control Panel

  1. Launch the Skype for Business Control Panel. 
  2. Select Voice Routing.
  3. Select New and then Site dial plan. Choose your Skype for Business Site and select OK.
  4. Select New in the Associated Normalization Rules section.
  5. Enter the matching digits the dial plan will handle in the Starting digits field. Ensure the digits to add field containts a + sign. Select OK.
  6. Go to Voice > Voice Policy.
  7. Select New and choose Site policy. Select your site and then select OK.
  8. Go to Voice Routing > PSTN Usage.
  9. Go to Voice Routing > Trunk Configuration.
  10. Select New and choose Site policy. Select your site and then OK.
  11. Enter a name for the trunk configuration. Enable the desired options.
  12. Select New in the Under Called Number Translation Rules section. Enter a name and remove the “+” from the Dial Plan number. Select OK to accept the translation and select OK again to accept the policy.
  13. Select Commit and then Commit All to save the changes to the server. Select OK.

Place tests calls and confirm your configuration.