Configuring a Property Management System in FortiVoice Enterprise


Whether it’s the hospitality industry, commercial property, or local government, managing properties requires a lot of organization and a lot of work. Thankfully, FortiVoice Enterprise can help manage your properties easily and efficiently.

This recipe guides you through the process of connecting the Property Management System (PMS) to the FortiVoice unit. For the purpose of this recipe, we’ll be focusing on the hospitality industry and showing you how to configure hotel management settings, like establishing wake-up calls and configuring hotel room status.

This option is only available if you have purchased the license.

The following procedure is only the initial step you’ll need to take to implement a functioning PMS system. After configuring FortiVoice, you’ll still need to configure your own property management software and ensure it’s properly connected to FortiVoice. FortiVoice Enterprise, in this manner, acts as a supplement. Consult your property management software’s manual for more details.

 Configuring PMS Settings

First we’ll need to configure PMS settings. 

  1. Go to Hotel Management Settings > Setting > PMS.
  2. Select the Enabled box.
  3. Select FortiVoice from the dropdown Protocol menu.
  4. Enter the port number that connects to the PMS.

    Note: You need to use an adapter for the FortiVoice-PMS connection. We recommend using iPocket 232 by Precidia.

  5. Enter the IP address and netmask of the PMS. You can enter multiple trusted hosts if you have multiple property management systems. 
  6. Select Apply.



 Establishing Hotel Management Options

Now we’ll need to configure management check in and check out actions. 

  1. Go to Hotel Management > Setting > Option.
  2. Select the guest information to make a room check-in ready. Privilege enables phone call restrictions. Guest name displays the room or guest name on the room extension. Room condition clears any condition set for the room.
  3. Set the guest information and room condition to make a room check-out ready. Voice mail clears all voicemail for the room extension and Wake-up call clears all wake-up calls setup for the room extension. 
  4. Select the first item clients select when placing an order from the front desk. For example, if you selected code first and the client wanted two waters (code 4), the client would dial 4*2. 
  5. Select Apply.
  6. Select the Mini Bar Code tab.
  7. Select New.
  8. Enter the item name, for example, Water, and then enter the item’s code, for example, 4. 
  9. Select Create.




 Configuring Hotel Room Status

Now that we have the PMS and the FortiVoice unit properly connected, we can configure the hotel room statuses.

To batch-configure hotel room statuses

  1. Go to Hotel Management > Room Status > Room Status.

    A green dot in the top menu bar indicates that the FortiVoice unit is connected with the PMS. 
  2. Select the rooms you wish to edit. A green dot indicates the guest’s room extension is bound with the room.
  3. Select Edit.
  4. Select the Guest Phone checkbox to make the room a guest room.
  5. Select the room status to configure: Checked-out or Checked-in.
  6. Enter the Guest name (if you selected Checked-in) and set their privilege. 
  7. Select DND if the guest does not want to be disturbed and VIP if  they should receive special treatment.
  8. Select OK.