Configuring FortiVoice Automated Answering and Call Transfers

What if your IT department is small and you want FortiVoice to forward your call to an answering machine in the event that everyone in your IT department is currently occupied? How do you get phones to stop ringing if a call is made to multiple phones sharing a single phone number and one person answers?

This recipe guides you through the simple process of transferring calls to voicemail.


Creating a Voice Mailbox

  1. Go to Extension > Extensions > IP Extensions.
  2. Select New
  3. Enter the number you wish to assign to the phones and enter a display name. For this example we will use IT.
  4. Expand the Voice Mailbox tab.
  5. Add the users to the mailbox by selecting their names and then selecting the right arrow button.
IP Extension
Editing the extension settings
Adding users



Creating a Ring Group

1. Go to Extensions > Groups > Ring Group
2. Select New.
3. Name the group and assign it a number.
4. Add the members and set the Ring mode to All. This will make all added extensions ring simultaneously when the ring group number is dialed.

Ring Group
Creating a ring group

Creating a Schedule

1. Go to Phone System > Profiles > Schedule.
2. Select New.
3. Create two schedules and name them. For the example on the right there is a schedule for the regular work day and another for any time outside of normal working hours.
4. Select Create when you are finished.

Work hours schedule
Work hours schedule
After hours schedule
After hours schedule



Creating a Virtual Number

1. Go to Extensions > Virtual Number > Virtual Number.
2. Select New.
3. Enter the name and number.
4. Select New under the Call Handling section.
5. Select your previously created schedule from the schedule dropdown menu.
6. Select Ring group from the Action dropdown menu
7. Select the extension and select the Create button.

You can repeat these steps to tell FVE what to do if the assigned number is contacted during working hours and non-working hours. For example, you could have the call be directed to the general mailbox during off-hours by selecting general mailbox from the Action dropdown menu.

Ring group call handling
Ring group call handling