Configuring Follow Me Settings in FortiVoice Enterprise

Each SIP and analog extension comes with its default user preferences, such as the follow me settings. Follow me allows a call to an extension to be transferred to another destination when you are not available.

This recipe guides you through the quick and easy process of configuring follow me settings.

This configuration serves as a profile for use in managing calls. To learn how to manage calls and make profiles, see Handling calls in the FortiVoice Enterprise Admin Guide.

Follow Me Configuration

To configure follow me settings.

  1. Go to Extensions > Extensions > Preferences
  2. Double click an existing number.
  3. Select New in the Follow Me section.
  4. Enter a Name for the setting.
  5. Under Follow Me Numbers, select New.
  6. Enter a phone number to which the call to your extension can be transferred.
  7. Enter the duration in which the phone will ring until it is sent to voicemail or the next number is dialed in the sequence.
  8. Select Create.

You can repeat these procedures to add additional numbers. Numbers are dialed according to their sequence in the follow me setting.