Configuring Banned Words in FortiMail


What if you know through experience that the occurrence of a certain word in your emails is typically linked to spam? FortiMail can scan an email and look for certain banned words and log those messages as spam when the word is detected.

The following recipe guides you through the easy process of configuring your FortiMail unit to scan for banned words and define known safe words that will bypass the scanning process.


 Configuring an AntiSpam Profile

To configure banned word scan options in FortiMail

  1. Go to Profile AntiSpamAntiSpam
  2. Select an existing profile and select Edit or create a new profile. For more information on creating an AntiSpam profile see the corresponding chapter in the FortiMail Administrator Guide.
  3. Expand the Scan Configuration section
  4. Enable Banned word and then select Configuration.
  5. Select New.
  6. Enter the word you wish to be banned in the Banned Word field.
  7. Enable both Subject and Body to let FortiMail scan the subject line and the body of the email for the banned word.
  8. Select OK.



Configuring Safelist Word Options

As an added bonus, you can also configure a safelist word section in your profile that tells your FortiMail unit to allow messages whose subject or body contains a particular word. So, for example, we could make it so the unit lets every email containing the word “meeting” through without scanning.

To configure safe list scan options

  1. Go to Profile AntiSpamAntiSpam.
  2. Edit an existing profile or create a new one.
  3. Expand Scan Configurations.
  4. Enable Safelist word and select Configuration.
  5. Select New.
  6. Enter the word you want to bypass scanning.
  7. Enable both the Subject and Body selection.
  8. Select OK and OK once more.