Configuring Alert Emails in FortiMail


You might want your FortiMail unit to let you know when it has detected something. The Alert Email submenu lets you configure the FortiMail unit to email you when a specific type of event occurs. For example, you could have the unit alert you when it detects a virus.

 To set up alerts we will have to configure both the alert email recipients and the events that trigger the unit to send a message.

 Configuring Alert Recipients

Before the FortiMail unit can send alert email messages, we have to create a recipient list. 

To configure recipients of alert email messages

  1. Go to Log and Report Alert Email Configuration.
  2. Select New and add the email address of a recipient.
  3. Enter the email address of the individual you wish to receive the alert.
  4. Select Create

    You can repeat that process to add a variety of email addresses.


 Configuring Alert Categories

Now we will need to specify what events will cause your FortiMail unit to send an alert email message to the individuals you placed on the list previously.

To select event that trigger an alert email message

  1. Go to Log and ReportAlert Email Category
  2. Enable whatever settings you desire. 
  3. Select Apply.