Configuring Administrator Accounts and Profiles in FortiVoice Enterprise

FortiVoice Enterprise features a single administrator account by default. FortiVoice units, however, support multiple administrator accounts. This recipe guides you through the process of creating additional administrator accounts with restricted permissions.


Configuring Administrator Accounts

To configure administrator accounts

  1. Go to System > Admin > Administrators.
  2. Select New to add an account or double-click an existing account.
  3. Enter the name of the administrator account 
  4. Select the extension of the administrator account from the Sing sign-on manager dropdown menu. Once you select the desired extension, the Managed departments section appears.
  5. Expand the Managed departments section. Select the call center departments you want the administrator to manage and then select the right arrow to move it to the Selected section.

    Providing the administrator access to specific call center departments allows the admin to view information like recorded calls and reports. 

  6. Select your preferred authentication type. If you select LDAP, you will need to configure an LDAP profile.
  7. Enter an IPv4 or IPv6 address into the Trusted hosts field. If you want the administrator to access the FortiVoice unit from any IP address, use
  8. Select the name of an admin profile that determines which functional areas the administrator account may view or affect and  then select the language and theme. 
  9. Select Create

Configuring Administrator Profiles

The Admin Profile tab displays a list of administrator access profiles.

Administrator profiles govern which areas of the web-based manager and CLI that an administrator can access and modify.

To configure administrator access profiles

  1. Go to System > Admin > Admin Profile
  2. Select New or modify an existing profile.
  3. Enter a profile name.
  4. Select the desired privileges you wish the administrator to be able to access and modify.
  5. Select Create.