Changing the IPMI Password


In this example, you will learn how to change the IPMI Password in FortiManager and FortiAnalyzer.

Some devices include an unused IPMI port, such as the FAZ-1000E. You cannot use the operating system running on the device to access the IPMI port. For example, you cannot use FortiAnalyzer software to access the IPMI port on the FAZ-1000E.

Although the IPMI port is not used, in some cases the port is enabled, and you can access it by connecting a cable to the port. If there is a DHCP server in the network, the port will automatically obtain an IP address. You can use a web browser, the IP address, and the default password (ADMIN/ADMIN) to access the port.

If the IPMI port is accidentally enabled and connected to the network, users will be able to: 

  • Power On/Power Off/Reset the device
  • Reset the device to factory defaults
  • Access system settings
  • Upgrade firmware

It is recommended to change the default password to prevent misuse.

1. Obtain the IPMI Port IP Address

  1. Connect a cable to the IPMI Port.
  2. Obtain the IP address for the IPMI Port. 

2. Sign in

  1. In a browser, type http://<ip address>.
  2. Press Enter. The Please Login dialog box is displayed.
  3. In the Username field, type ADMIN.
  4. In the Password field, type ADMIN
  5. Click Login. The home page is displayed.

3. Modify User

  1. Go to Configuration > Users.
  2. Select the row with the ADMIN username.
  3. Click Modify User.
  4. Select the Change Password Checkbox.
  5. Complete the Password and Confirm Password fields
  6. Click Modify.


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