Allowing a Secure Email Account to Bypass Scanning in FortiMail


What if you know that a certain email address is always safe? Perhaps you know that someone from another department isn’t going to accidentally have his computer infected by a virus and so you would like to receive his email quickly, without having to scan it for threats. Perhaps you routinely receive server notifications or alert emails that you know are not harmful.

Thankfully, FortiMail supports customizable access controls that can automatically deliver emails from secure sources, bypassing all anti-spam profile processing.

To view and configure your access control rules.

Configuring Access Controls

  1. Navigate to Policy > Access Control > Receiving.

 2.  Select New to add an access control rule or double-click an existing access control rule to modify the rule.  

 3.  Select the Enabled checkbox

Selecting the Enabled box in the Access Control Rules
Selecting the Enabled box in the Access Control Rules

 4.  For Sender Pattern, enter the trusted email address. 

 5.  For Recipient Pattern, enter * to represent all recipients.

 8.  Select BYPASS from the Action dropdown menu.

 9.  Select the Create button.