Web rating overrides (Video)


In this video, you will learn how to override a website’s FortiGuard Category rating. FortiGuard Categories are up-to-date lists of websites, which you can use to easily filter certain types of content. By overriding a site’s web rating, you can block a website that is in an allowed category, or allow a website that is in a blocked category. In this example, you will create a custom category for Allowed Sites, and add the Fortinet Cookbook website to it.

The recipe for this video is available here.

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Adam Bristow

Adam Bristow

Technical Writer at Fortinet
Adam Bristow is a Technical Writer working for the FortiOS technical documentation team. He has a Honours Bachelor of Arts in English and Minor in Film Studies and a graduate certificate in Technical Writing from Algonquin College. Stay tuned for more FortiOS Cookbook videos!
Adam Bristow
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