Supported Upgrade Paths – FortiOS

Upgrading to 5.2

This table shows the upgrade path from earlier versions of the supported firmware to the latest version of FortiOS 5.2.

To make it easier to find the correct row for your upgrade, enter the current firmware version running on your FortiGate in the Search field. Only rows with the contents of the Search field will be shown.

Supported Upgrade Path to Latest FortiOS version 5.2

Starting VersionBuild #                  
5.2.10742Latest Build
If you do not see the path you want here, consult the firmware's Release Notes.

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  • Shagma

    Where is the FORTIAP upgrade path document?

  • Aleksandr

    Need help with searching the correct path.
    My Firmware Version v4.0,build0313,110301 (MR2 Patch 4)
    What numbers should I refer to? (4.2.4 313 >> 4.3.6 >> 4.3.11 >> 4.3.18? does build0313 equals to bild 313 from this table?)

    • bdickie

      Yes MR2 Patch 4 can also be expressed as 4.2.4 and yes 0313 and 313 are the same build. We aren’t planning on researching the optimal upgrade paths from 4.2.4. But once you get to any 4.3 build then any of the upgrade paths in the document should get you to 4.3.18 and beyond.

      • Aleksandr

        ok, thx for quick reply

  • Jorge

    How can I find the supported upgrade from 5.0.12 to 5.2.7? I only see the option directly to 5.2.9


    • Judith Haney

      Hi Jorge, Page 11 of the Release Notes for 5.2.7 says that “FortiOS version 5.2.7 officially supports upgrade from version 5.0.12 or later” and that document can be found at this link: — Hope that helps!

      • Jorge

        Hi Judith,
        Does it mean upgrade directly from 5.0.12 to 5.2.7 is supported? Thanks for your quick answer!

        • Judith Haney

          Yes Jorge.

  • Mahfud Dahyani

    Hi, we have firmware 4.0 MR1 build 209 Patch8 want to upgrade to ver5.0, what step upgrade paths to do.. thanks. from the document we have to start from :
    4.0 MR1
    209 ► 4.2.15 ► 4.3.11 ► 4.3.18 ► 5.0.12 ► 5.2.5 ► 5.40, we can’t find ver 4.2 and 4.3. can we jump to 5.0 for the upgrade ? thanks

  • Biswarup Datta

    Hi, I have upgraded from 5.4.1 to 5.4.2. Received an error “Internet-service versioin(3) is not supported” in time of reboot. What should be the probable reason???

    • Bruce Davis

      I have not experienced or heard of that particular error before. The first thing I would do verify is what generated the error. Was it the FortiGate or were you viewing it through a browser when you saw the error.The second thing to do would be to see if your FortiGate is functioning properly. Was the FortiGate successfully upgraded? Is it properly processing traffic? Once you have this information you could contact the Technical Assistance Center for any troubleshooting or ask them to forward the question to Developement.

  • Luis Danilo Ruiz Tórrez

    Hi, I think this version should be 5.0.12

    Version: FortiGate-240D v5.0,build0318,150514 (GA Patch 12)
    Branch point: 318

    My question is, can i upgrade FG directly into 5.2.9??

    As the tables states,
    5.0.12 318 >> 5.2.9 >> 5.4.3

    After 5.2.9 then again I could upgrade into 5.4.3, is that right?

    • Bruce Davis

      As long as the firmware that you are upgrading to supports the model of FortiGate that you’re going to be running it on, you should be able to upgrade from 5.0.12 to 5.2.9 and then to 5.4.3. This does not mean that you shouldn’t bother reading the Release Notes for the versions that you are upgrading to. The table is a simplified version of what is supported. Depending on your configuration, there may be some changes that go along with the upgrade that you will want to be aware of. These can usually be found in the Release Notes.

  • أمين مواتسي

    Hi ,please we have downgrade fortigate from FGT_300C-v5-build0688-FORTINET to FGT_300C-v4 -build0632-FORTINET and we crashed the firmware so please can you help us to upgrade to the current version.

    • Judith Haney

      Hello, I recommend you contact Fortinet Support to walk you through the upgrade. Reading the document at will help you make your time with Fortinet Support more efficient. — kind regards,

      • أمين مواتسي

        hello , judith thanks a lot for answering me , i appreciate , God bless you

        • Judith Haney

          My pleasure. — best regards

  • Fidel

    Hi I want to upgrade my FortiAP 5.0 and I have a v5.0,build0271 (GA Patch 6) 80C, I just want to know up until which version of FortiAP is supported by v5.0,build0271 (GA Patch 6) of the 80C

  • Maicon Pereira

    Hello, regard my environment I need downgrade my currently version v5.2.3,build670 to 5.0.12 after that I will go follow upgrade step by step as you tip. so I wonder it’s possible use the same file configuration through that steps ?

    • Bruce Davis

      There are a few reasons why down grading is looked at with some trepidation. The amount of pitfalls increases proportionally with the complexity of the configuration. The most important thing to take into account is that the configuration file is firmware version specific. It does not play well with versions of the firmware that it was not written for. Right off the bat, you cannot use a configuration file from 5.2.3 on a unit running 5.0.12.
      I might be going out on a limb here but if you are downgrading and then upgrading to the same firmware version, I have to make an educated guess that something is not working properly, possibly because somewhere along the upgrade process something was missed or broken. Chances are the issue may not be with the firmware you are running, but with something in the configuration file.
      The configuration file is essentially a number of CLI commands to the firmware that are run each time the unit is powered on. If there is a syntax error in those commands, the firmware may not behave as intended.
      During an upgrade there is a background process that takes the existing configuration file and changes any commands and settings to comply with the syntax of the new firmware. Skipping an firmware version that should have been part of the upgrade path means that the syntax of one or more commands didn’t get updated to work with the current firmware. This means that even if you downgrade to 5.0.12 with a factory reset, when you go through the supported upgrade path to 5.2.3, which the current config file is from, it may not be advisable to install that configuration file. You could end up with the same issue.
      The bad news is that you may need to rebuild your configuration from the ground up. The good news is that you may not have to down grade and upgrade. You can start with the firmware you have installed now. Depending on the issue, you might be able to get away with a simple factory reset, which will give you a brand new configuration file, and then just start customizing your configuration.
      If you are comfortable in the CLI, you could use some techniques found in the SysAdmin Note to cut and paste portions of the existing configuration file into the new one. At some point you are likely to come across an error as the it determines that the syntax is somehow wrong and then you will have to set up that portion of the configuration from scratch.
      Sorry I couldn’t give you happier news.

      • Maicon Pereira

        Thank you for your explanation!

  • ScottS

    I have several 30D firewalls still in the box that I need to configure. These have never been configured. They are at firmware 5.0.9. since there is not a configuration on it can I put the latest 5.4.4 firmware on it? Since there is no configuration issues to worry about is that allowable or do I still need to do all of the steps outlined by the upgrade path?

    • bdickie

      Yes you can go ahead and install the latest firmware without following the upgrade path. The upgrade path is only meant to make sure you don’t loose your own configuration changes during an upgrade.

      • ScottS

        Perfect. That will save me a tone of time.

        • premar

          I would recommend to factory reset the firewalls after the update. Sometimes you migrate faulty default settings.

  • Monica

    I am using Fortigate 60D – Firmware 5.2.7 (build 718)…should I download the firmware outlined in my upgrade path 5.27 >> 5.2.9 >> 5.2.10 manually then upgrade to 5.2.9 and the 5.2.10?

    • Victoria Martin

      Yes, it is recommended to follow that upgrade path.

  • ARL67

    I have several 60CM on 5.2.10 build742. I don’t see a specific 5.4.4 firmware image in the download section for the 60CM. I see only images for 60D & 60E. Can I use any of these ?

  • Huerta

    someone can tell me what version has the build 4234?? I need to upgrade a fortigate 100D v5.0.X that has that build