SysAdmin Notes

The section contains a collection of practical articles that relate to the administration of a network and its components.

Before getting started, check out these pages that provide some good starting information that will be useful for any SysAdmin of a Fortinet network:





This section contains URL links to sites and pages that are useful to the administration of a network and its components.

Fortinet links

Fortinet Product Life Cycle

This pages shows the Last order dates, Last Date to Extend Maintenance Contracts and End-of-Support support dates for Fortinet hardware and software.(Credentials to the Fortinet Service and Support site will be required to view page)

The FortiGuard Product Security Incident Response Team (PSIRT)

This webpage provide information regarding the vulnerabilities, affected products/versions and fixes that relate to Fortinet products and network security. The team responds to vulnerability reports from customers, partners and researchers.

Networking links

 IPv6 Private IP address generator

IPv6 is going to be part of the future so testing out how to use it now before you are forced to seems like a good move. But who can understand those IPv6 addresses leave alone figure out which ones to use as private address like we have in IPv6? This site generates some for you so you don’t have to figure it out.


  • somanath mishra

    Are you sharing any API for authentication from external portal?

  • Moses K

    Wonderfull Sysyadmin Section Thanks to Fortinet’s Effort. Great !!!

  • Rejohn

    Thank you for compiling this very useful articles. Great work!

    • Victoria Martin

      I’m glad you found them helpful.

  • Yash Sridat

    do you have System Admin’s Notebook in PDF ver please?
    Tnxs 🙂

    • Victoria Martin


      Most of the above articles are in PDF, except for the most recent one. If you are looking for a document that collects all of the articles together, we currently do not have one but could look into creating one.